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Tempe’s Car Accident History

One thing that affects your insurance rates is the geographic area that you live and drive in.

In Tempe, there were 12 fatal car accidents in 2008.  These accidents involved 16 vehicles, and 4 of these accidents were caused by drunk drivers.  There were 33 people involved in these accidents including 5 pedestrians.  Tempe falls below the Arizona State average of fatal accidents per 100,000 population.

How much do Tempe Residents Drive?

Tempe residents drive their cars frequently.  A majority of residents drive alone to work (74%), 12% carpool,3% take public transit, and 3% work from home.  The average commute time to work is 22.9 minutes (USA average = 27.4 minutes).

In Tempe, 7.2% of households do not own a car.  41.3% own 1 car, 34.6% own 2 cars, and 16.9% own 3 cars or more.

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