Saving Money By Bundling Your Insurance Policies

Auto, Home, Condo, Renters or business insurance by purchasing them with the same insurance company, can save you premium dollars as well as making you a “preferred client”.    Most insurance companies are excited to pass on savings to their clients who have more than just one policy with them.   Their acquisition cost to get new clients is lowered when they already have a relationship with you and statistics show that a client is more likely to stay around longer, if there is more than one policy in the household.

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The relationship that you have with any insurance company becomes stronger when more and more policies are tied to your account.   It only makes sense that if you are bringing more dollars into a business, that business may want to spend more time, effort Insuranceand energy in serving you, their client. This additional service may be the added time to answer your questions, find additional discounts that you may qualify for if other conditions are met, or simply the one on one relationship that you might expect from the company that is financially protecting your hard earned assets.  As your life changes and your insurance needs change over time, it is beneficial to do a complete review of the policies and keep them “tuned” to your changing needs.  I believe that this kind of review is important at least every 5 years and sooner if you have life changing events like a new baby, a new spouse or divorce, or a change in work or a move to another home.

Insurance discounts vary from company to company and can “slip” off if you are not paying attention.  All students should be checking to make sure that the “Good Student” discount is still in place.  Every 6 months, this massive discount may need to be re-qualified for by providing a copy of your grades… These can be huge dollars that should remain in your pocket, if you had simply forwarded the information on to your insurance carrier.   Be sure to ask your specific company for all available discounts and what it will take for you to get them!

Some of the biggest discounts for drivers under the age of 25 is simply letting the insurance company know that you are now married or that you have become a parent.  These life changing events tend to affect the cost of your auto insurance in a wonderful way!  Moving into a less populated area, being able to park your car in a garage vs parking in an open area, having an alarm on your car… are all chances to lower your insurance costs.

Regardless of the name of your insurance company or agent, having the ability to communicate and ask questions is the ticket to reducing the overall cost of your insurance.  Making one call to one agent, who knows who you are,   is preferable to calling a telephone tree and speaking with a new “REP.” every time.

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