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All insurance is designed for the same thing…. Protect your financial assets by letting an insurance company pay for things that you would normally owe.

In Arizona, the law dictates that you owe for damages and injuries resulting from an accident that is your fault… or even partially your fault.  The law states that all registered cars be insured…that being said, over 30% of all cars in Arizona are driven without auto insurance!

If you are expecting the “other guy” to pay for your damages and injuries, chances are he has no insurance or minimal coverage.   The Un-insured Motorist and the Under-insured Motorist is a fact of life in Arizona.  I believe this to be the biggest risk you have to insure, because these guys cause more than their share of all accidents.

If we start with this coverage, we can move step by step to place premium dollars where they are best allocated.

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